Business process performance insights in 2 weeks

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Getting a handle on your business begins with having visibility into process performance. You receive daily or weekly spreadsheets containing the performance figures of the various departments, employees and business processes, but what exactly are these figures telling you? Why are these figures better one week than they were the previous week? What are the bottlenecks, how can we identify them and where do the opportunities for improvement lie? Obtaining this insight into your business process performance does not have to be either time-consuming or expensive. With Tuuring, we can do this in a matter of weeks.

You are undoubtedly familiar with a whole range of business performance analytics packages. Consultants typically take months to input all your organization’s processes and data into a system and afterwards it requires quite a bit of maintenance.  The result of all this should give you feedback on how many consultations are currently taking place in your healthcare facility, the throughput of the daily invoice stream for your insurance company or the speed of your check-in procedures for employees of your oil processing plant.

Current business process performance?

But can you react quickly if a bottleneck occurs? Or are you not sure what to tweak? Imagine if your healthcare employee has to consult the Electronic Health Record (EHR) 30 times a day for patients, and on average waits 30 seconds for the information to display. This means at least 15 minutes per day lost. These 15 minutes add up to over half a day per employee by month end, during which no care is being provided. You should be able to identify, address, and resolve these bottlenecks immediately.

Insight into your business process performance

Many processes run through your organization horizontally and vertically when they are being executed and every department uses different tools when accessing data. This makes it difficult to accurately measure the overall performance. Implementing a business performance analytics solution always sounds like a good idea initially, but when implementing it on your current IT systems it can be a huge job. It is time consuming and there is a steep learning curve before the hired consultants become familiar with your environment. Never mind the high costs associated with creating and maintaining custom-made dashboards.

Insights within 2 weeks?

Do you want real-time visibility into your business now instead of waiting months for another IT implementation? If this is the case, then Tuuring is the perfect solution for you.

Tuuring possesses all performance knowledge necessary to obtain fast results. The approach we have developed allows us to rapidly connect our platform to your systems, start our AI engine and immediately begin analyzing available performance data. We determine performance baselines and visualize this in readily available dashboards that show the performance of your business processes in every required detail. Workflows and business processes become visible and you will have real-time insight into your business process performance. We measure deviations and enable your organization to identify, address, and resolve bottlenecks faster.

Our platform is available immediately and can start providing actionable insights within two weeks, without it costing you a lot of time or manpower. Are you curious about what Tuuring could do for your organization? Please contact us for a non-binding demonstration.